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男士福音 新型裤子可以通过震动避免"拉链门"事件

新华网8月14日电 据美国科技博客Gizmodo报道,有时候男士们会低头检查裤子拉链是不是拉好了,不过除非旁边没有人,这样做看起来都比较尴尬。为了避免被人家提醒拉链未关的尴尬,为什么不试试这种最新的发明呢,它能够检查裤子拉链的状态。

Instructables的科技编辑Randy Sarafan编写了非常详尽的使用说明。使用导线、小电路板和震动马达,他创造了一个几乎看不见的小设备,让你能确定拉链是不是拉上了。你可以按一下兜里的按钮,如果震动了,说明拉链没问题。如果没有震动,你就得找个没人的地方解决一下问题了。


Vibrating Pants Checker Lets You Know When You're Unzipped

You might think you're being discrete when you check your pants to ensure your fly is zipped up, but unless you're alone, it can look a little awkward. Instead of waiting for the embarrassment of just being told you need to zip up, check out this brilliant hack that makes it easy to subtly check the status of your fly.

Randy Sarafan, the Technology Editor at Instructables, is back with an even more useful tutorial this time. Using conductive thread, a small circuit board, and a vibrating motor, he's created a near invisible device you can use to make sure you're zipped up. Tapping a button in your pocket produces a vibration if you're all good, or nothing at all if you need to slip away and deal with the problem. And like all fun hacks, have fun explaining this one to the TSA if you try to fly with it. They probably won't be too understanding of your vibrating pocket.

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